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Providing Low Voltage Services to NorCal

Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings

At DFV Cable, we believe in service. Service comes first; the act of serving people is our highest priority. We serve our clients by delivering on results based on the client’s needs and values.  We will continue to focus on our own value systems and increase our value systems based on the highest values of our target market to increase productivity, excellent workmanship and communication whiles we still stay competitive in the market.  Our aim is to always deliver above average in everything we do. If we are able to consistently deliver above average services we believe our results will be above average.

We take pride, ownership and responsibility for the work we do at all times. Even when we are at fault or make a mistake we are man enough to take full responsibly at all times.



  • “Working with Businesses to develop relationships.”

    Our clients consist of small, medium and large businesses encompassing all facets of industry. DFV Cable’s main focus is your particular business telecommunication needs and our emphasis is immediate savings, proven by the tremendous amount of savings we have produced for our clients. We understand the importance of keeping costs low and maximizing on cost reduction opportunities.




  • “Our Commitment to Excellence.”

    DFV Cable will work with you to reduce costs and add value to your current telecommunication services. If there is a benefit to our client, DFV Cable will capitalize on the opportunity that will achieve a favorable result for you.
    DFV Cable values long term relationships. As your business grows and your telecommunication needs get more sophisticated DFV Cable will be their providing you with our consulting services, making sure your rates are low and quality of service is high.



  • Some of the buildings around Placer County we have worked in:

    – Community Development Resource Center

    – Finance Administration Building

    – Auburn Justice Center

    – Auburn Juvenile Facility

    – South Placer Veterans Offices

    – South Placer Jail

    – Signal Mountain

    – Tahoe City Library

    – Rocklin Library

    – Auburn Library

    – Colfax Library

    – Lincoln Library

    – Auburn Historic Museum

    – Westfield Galleria Mall

    – Auburn jail

    – Auburn Agricultural Building

    – The Domes

    – Office of Education Annex

    – Placer County Administrative Offices

    – Placer County Human Resources Offices

    – Placer County Sherrif’s Offices

    – South Placer Coroner’s Office